View of the port of Bourgas in 1893.

To 1895 in Burgas there were no stone breakwater and the only port facilities are called "skelite" - wooden bridges for passengers and unloading of cargo.

 In the harbor area was located Mustafa Zadeh Chelesis Mosque (built in the 19th century and demolished in 1912). It is the last Turkish mosque in the city and was located in the garden of the station (now Square "Queen Joanna"), and arownd it was located Turkish cemetery. After its destruction remains only so-called Tartar Mosque Azize (erected in honor of Sultan Abdul Azis) in the box between the square and square "Troika" and "Baba Ganka". It was high minaret, which was demolished in the 1940s. Tatar mosque was destroyed completely in the 1970s.