"Alexandrovska" street. One of the oldest trade (charshiiski) streets in the city. The oldest city axis that leads to the port and connects the city with the sea. The street was covered with cobblestone, and the evening was lit by gas lanterns (in the years between 1878 and 1929). "Alexandrovska" was the most important trade street, which is the main town square "Ferdinand" (infront of the train station and the port). He built the buildings of large traders and brokers of different companies. "Alexandrovska" was the street to which there was greatest interest to property and all buildings erected in the years after Liberation are closely built together with narrow facades facing the street. On both sides of the street are arranged shops, pubs, cafes, inns, office buildings and more. Their large windows shut with wooden lids lifted as owners tents during the day and also at the edges of the street formed walking paths, protected from sun and rain.