About us

This site is a natural progression of an initiative for collection of old pictures of Burgas, which began in March 2010 as a Facebook group “The Old Burgas”. At present, it has over 17 000 members - people of all ages and from all over the world, who generously share their personal photo archives, memories of the city, its buildings and streets, traditions and culture.

In 2014 the initiative transformed and evolved into the project "Old Burgas" – an online platform for photo, audio and video materials, articles, stories and documents for the city’s past (from its foundation to the end of 20th century). The main source of information for the site is the Facebook group, which continues to function as a forum for discussions and exchange of memories.

The photos are organized by year and category in the Gallery section. A reference to the comments can be found under the description of each of them, but in order to read them, you have to join the group on Facebook. You can do it here. For your convenience the site has a Search engine and a Map. Interesting stories about the old Burgas can be found in section Articles and Radio archive.


Objectives of the project "Old Burgas":

- To contribute for the formation of a richer and more authentic picture of the city's past by engaging more people in the cause;

- To support initiatives for preserving the cultural heritage of Burgas by involving actively the citizens of Burgas in this process and by seeking opportunities for collaboration with all stakeholders;

- To interact effectively with the existing museum network through activities related to participation of students, NGOs, etc.;

- To establish partnerships with Bulgarian, European and other initiatives with similar objectives.


 * The project is funded with the support of the Municipality of Burgas